Saturday, August 6, 2011

Yosakoi Dance at the Gaina Festival

 Here are a bunch ogf kids performing the yosakoi dance at this year's Gaina festival in Yonago. I really like this dance. Yosakoi is a modern form of the more traditional awa odori folk dance. It started in Kochi city, Shikoku, Japan in the 1950's and now can be seen at summer festivals throughout Japan. It has highly energetic, modern music with strong drum beats and flutes. Large groups perorm on the street during the festival in colorful costumes and swinging naruko, small wooden clappers. Groups practice for weeks and weeks prior to the festival and there is a big competition. Most dancers are young girls or women, but you see dancers of all ages and genders, too. Here's a short video I found.

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