Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Diane's Barbecue

We had a great time on May 20th at our friend Diane's house. Great food, great company, great time.

Knights of the Round Table


Can you get me another beer?

Chef Hiro's great cooking fresh from the dutch oven.

The Foxx clan

Two wives and a baby

Yo, Ted. Over here!

2 Monkeys in a Tree

Here are some pics of Junko and the girls getting rambunctious at Grandma's house. Hana's really becoming a tree climber.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Golden Week Hiruzen Joyful Park

Golden Week holidays 2012, we went to Joyful Park, a small amusement park in Hiruzen, Okayama prefecture. It was the first time for the girls.

Rika was tramatized by the Dino ride. I couldn't fit in the seat. Junko had to take her.

Momotaro(Hana) and the monkey(Rika)


We're somewhere up there.

Friday, May 4, 2012

The "Hkari" Light Museum

Today the family went to the "Light Museum" in Sakaiminato about 30 minutes away. They had cool interactive light exhibits. Fun stuff.

Cooking Fun

The other night we made curry and rice and the girls decorated just for Mommy. And here's a picture of Hana's bento lunch the other day.

Hana's studies

Hana recently started "Kodomo Challenge" a course where cool stuff comes over each month along with math, science, and Japanese drills and workbooks. Here's her busy studying. She wanted to start and really likes it. And our new Piano in the background. She goes to lesson every Saturday.

Monster Girls

Here are some great picks of the girls' antics.
 It's not Halloween, just make up gone bad.

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