Sunday, August 7, 2011

Moving in Japan

With space so limited and sometimes the absence of elevators, the Japanese have moving to a new apartment or house down to a science. I snapped these pics the other day. They were using this lift to move furniture into the apartment. Sometimes items ar too big to moe through the door, like bureaus or pianos and are moved this way. Sometimes they don't have a machine like this, but use a ladder like device and a puly system. I see commercials on TV for moving ccompanys. The key word is convenience and safety of your stuff. They have packing services with special foam containers to move all your dishes and breakables and sometimes put foam on the walls of narrow stairwells as not to bump your furniture. Of course all his costs an arm and a leg, but it'sgreat service.


Ravi Kumar said...

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suraj mourya said...

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