Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hana's Gymnastics class

 Here are the girls at Hana's "ShinTaiso" rythmic gymnastics class. She' cute in her leotard. She started a couple of months ago. At first she wanted to do Shoenji Kempo, a Japanese form of Kung-fu, but eventually opted for gymnastics. She has it once a week for an hour. It's mostly stretching and warm up with only the last few minutes using equipment like ropes, hoops, or balls. During class, Rika just runs around making herself tired. It's really a beginners class for people who are not too serious yet. But Hana has long limbs, great flexibility, and good muscle tone and has potential, I think. Later, she might move to the more intense three hour class and have performances. Is there Olympic gold in our future?

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