Monday, August 8, 2011

朝顔 Asagao-Morning Glories

朝顔 Asagao-Morning Glories

Here is a familiar flower. Asagao or morning glories are a common sight in the summer in Japan. Many people grow them in pots with a little square growing frame. They are also a common gift and florist shops are full of them. Many restaurants and businesses will grow them on nets in front of the store windows at this time of year.Hana's 1st grade schoolers all grew them from seeds at school and later could bring the plants home. This is a picture of the morning glories from our balcony. I've always ,loved this flower and planted them in the back yard as a kid. In Japan, there is also a wild growing variety that opens in the afternoon;     昼顔, "hirugao"-afternoon glories. These are smaller and can been seen growing on the ground in parks and along sidewalks.

昼顔, hirugao, afternoon glories

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