Sunday, August 28, 2011

Junko's Present

As you may or may not know, my wife Junko is also an English teacher. Actually, she is an assistant teacher at Hana's eelementary school. She recently completed a correspondence course especially for teaching English to eelementary students. Teaching English in elementary school is new to Japan and started nation wide this year. As regular eelementary school teachers have limited experience with English, there is a great demand not only for native ALTs, but also for Japanese assistant teachers to act as a go-between and help develop lesson plans. And now, with this certificate, my wife may be in greater demand.

To celebrate, she wanted to get an eelectronic dictionary. She describes herself as an analog person and is the only teacher she knows who doesn't have one. We bought it today at Yamada Denki electronics store. It's pretty snazzy. It not only has dictionaries of numerous languages, but also programs on English grammar, tests, and also lots of cultural information in English, so I can use it, too. Han was keen to try the English test questions. The screen is in color and has sound. So, starts a new phase of the Winter's working life.

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