Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Beach Day Camp

Last Monday, our school had a day camp at  beach in Nawa-cho, near yonago. I can't remember the name of the beach. It was hard to get to, but really fun. Mr. Tahara, the great staff at Mori no Kuni led the camp. First, we went searching for shells or other sea creatures. Then we just played a lot in the water. We had curry for lunch, which was fantastic. I got myself thirds, but one of the students accidentally kicked sand in it. Oh well.

After lunch, the kids tried making a raft from inner tubes and a big board with holes. We let the kids tie it themselves and tried it. We named the craft "Superraft". It's maiden voyage was less than a success It started coming apart. We brought it back and Mr. Tahara showed them a better way. The second time was better.

Before we left we, did a popular Japanese game, "suika-wari". You take a big watermelon and put it on a tarp on the beach. One by one, the kids get blindfolded and spun around three times. Then they have to hit the watermelon with a stick. Everyone shares the watermelon after it breaks. Great fun.

I'm quickly becoming a beach lover this Summer, I can't wait till my next day off. We all had fun, but one of my co-workers really burned her legs. I'm getting a real farmer's tan. Actually just red, but I don't burn as bad as when I was a kid.

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