Sunday, August 14, 2011

Pacific Aquarium in Sakaiminato

 After going to the beach twice, the last big event for the Winter's Summer vacation was visiting the aquarium event in Sakiminato, a port town 20 minutes away. It was a small, traveling aquarium called 太平洋の水族館 "Taiheiyou no suizokukan". Taiheiyou means Pacific ocean and suizokukan means aquarium. We went to almost the same aquarium last year, but at that time, it was called the New Caldonia Aquarium, though I know many of the fish were the same. It was held at Yumeminato tower, a former expo building in Sakaiminato. The aquarium was open for about a month. The local newsapaper Nihonkai Shinbun(Sea of Japan Newspaper) had a promotional event, if kids drew and submitted a sea life picture, you got a free ticket. Both Hana and Rika drew pictures, so we got two tickets. It seemed smaller than last time, and we went through the whole thing in about twenty minutes. At least, I think the sea turtles wading pool was a little bigger. Probably most families in this area went. At the end, you come out into the gift shop. The girls got a few toy souvenirs. It was fun. The sea turtle was probably the best thing. Afterwards we went to an "obake yashiki" or haunted house on the 3rd floor. It was a short maze, probably scarry for little kids, though Junko screamed the loudest.

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