Sunday, August 21, 2011

Japanese Gestures: "Who me?"

In Japan

 In America, if someone is calling you, and you say "Who me?", we gesture by pointing to the chest. In Japan, they point to the nose or face. My wife insists she never uses this gesture, instead opting for the western one, but it is common, believe me. 


In America


JapanLove said...

having to be japanese, i laughed at this post because it's true what you're saying. I try not to point at my nose but i end up doing it unconsciously.
i bet watching my parents, grandparents and the grown ups around me from when i was little made me copy that gesture :)

jcwin228 said...

Thanks JapanLove,
I'm glad to hear my wife isn't the only one. Actually, after 10 years, I find myself using the gesture unconsciously, too. I have to make a conscious effort if I use American gestures. Guess I'm turning Japanese, a little.

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