Wednesday, August 3, 2011

NuCrema Chocolate Spread

 This is one of my new favorite things in Japan. It's NuCrema chocolate, hazelnut spread. It's actually a product of Greece. Who'd've thought, at Lamu, the local discount grocery store, they'd have such a neat import item. I love the taste. It's thick and super sweet. To me, it's like chocolate frosting. Cake frosting is something I dearly miss in Japan. Most cakes here are made with whipped cream, but that hard crunchy frosting for cakes and cupcakes is nowhere to be found. I have a voracious sweetooth and this really satisfies my craving. The whole family puts it on toast in the morning. But when no ones's looking, I  often stick a spoonful in my mouth like peanut butter, something which astonishes the Japanese. I really want to get a ready made white cake, but strawberry jam in the middle, then smear this chocolate spread all over the top for a chocolate cake. I let you know when I do.


Anonymous said...

You have nucrema in Japan?
Personally, i prefer nucrema than nutella.
But the best is Merenda(also greek).It's the silkiest chocolate hazelnut pasta!

k said...

Are you still in Japan? A local shop here used to sell it, but now I can't find it anymore. Googling also doesn't help :( Do you know if Nucrema is still stocked somewhere (ideally online as I'm living in Okayama).


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