Friday, October 14, 2011

Hana's Un Do Kai, Sport's Day, part 2

Last weekend we had yet another "un do kai" Sport's Day or Field Day at Hana's elementary school. That's two Sports Days in two weekends! The First one was the official Sport's Day by the school. But this second one was actually put on by the community, the school was just a host. That Monday was a National Holiday, Taiiku no Hi (Sport's Day) and commemorates the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. Many schools hold athletic events on that day. The feeling of the two days was very different. For the first, official one, participation by students and attendance by parents was pretty much mandatory. There were so many people there and the schedule was busy. The second community one, however was much more relaxed. Attendance and participation were voluntary. Not as crowded and more laid back. Spectators were assigned to small pavilion-like tents by neighborhood. They also had lots of parents' participation events. Junko ran in a couple of races. I was the camera man. Participants could receive snacks and a bento lunch. There were also prizes for winning teams. It went from 9:00 in the morning till 3:00 in the afternoon, but we left at lunchtime after collecting our bentos. Good job girls.It was fun, but I've had enough Sport's Days to last me until next year. Oh no, My school's is next month!

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