Friday, October 14, 2011

Halloween Jack-o-lantern Pinatas

A good portion of my time last weekend was spent making big Jack-o-lantern pinatas for Junko's class and party. She was busy preping other things, so these you see here were 100% yours truely. It took a couple of days to make them. We got some jumbo sized balloons. Then, covered them with strips of newspaper, using a simple flour and water glue. I've had a lot of practice(and failures) making balloon pinatas at my school or at home. One important thing is to get good strong balloons. You don't want it to lose its shape before you finish. Another thing is to let one layer completely dry before applying the next. The last layer, I used shoji paper which is used in Japanese paper doors. The last layer of white picks up the paint better. Then, pop the balloon inside. I cut out the shapes of the face on black paper and glued them on. These were big and stood about three feet high. They were still tough to break, though. The paper gives when you hit it. I'll work on that problem. I'm sure I'll be making more of them before the seasons over. Happy Hallowen.

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