Friday, October 14, 2011

BBQ at Michiko-sensei's house

 Last weekend I went to a family BBQ at my good friend and former co-worker Michiko-sensei's house. She and her family are great people. She often babysits the girls and grandma makes homemade clothes for them. BBQ's at Michiko-sensei's house are not to be missed. They really know how to stuff a guest. Japanese BBQ's don't feature hamburgers and hot dogs, but we had steak and nearly every other kind of meet you can think of I loved the spicy sausage. They have a smoker and we had smoked chicken and Michiko's famous smoked cheese. Of course we had some veggies, too. Later they broke out the dutch oven for some old style camp cooking.

The excuse for the event was the soon departure of  Chris Koldenhof, the Aeon emergency teacher in Yonagof or a while. Chris is a great guy (for a Canadian). Quick on the uptake with a wicked sense of humor. And of course, a real ladies man :)

Hana was sick, so only Rika and myself attended. I was driving, so you can see me there throwing back a whole six pack of non-alcohol beer, while smug Chris partook of the real stuff. Rika was a little shy at first, but later she warmed up to him. It was a great day. Come back soon Chris.

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