Friday, September 2, 2011

Waiting out Typhoon Number 12

In America they give hurricanes names, in Japan they give typhoons a number for that year. This is typhoon number 12, meaning the 12th typhoon this season. It doesn't need to hit Japan coast to get a number.Typhoon #12 is smack dab on top of Japan. It's center is getting closer to Yonago. It's kind of unusual for Yonago to get hit this directly. They usually veer away from this area. People around here like to say that the gods of Izumo Taisha in Shimane Pref. protect this region I guess they missed this one. Typhoon #12 is moving at a snail's pace. The news said the same speed as a bicycle. It must be a strong one, too. The wind is really howling outside the windows as I write.  It's also the first typhoon in the new apartment. We are on the second floor and the corner apartment, so we get the brunt of the wind. It's a little bit scary, but kind of exciting, too. Junko and the girls love big storms. I'm from Kansas, so I know big thunderstorms that roll through loud with thunder and a vengeance and then are gone. We also get tornadoes which are the strongest winds, but are localized. Typhoons are different. The winds and rain are strong, but little or no lightning and they go on and on and affect a much bigger area. I wonder what will look different outside tomorrow morning.

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