Saturday, September 24, 2011

Japanese Snacks: Bokun Habanero 暴君ハバネロ

 This is one of my favorite Japanese snacks. If you like it hot, this is for you. It's called "Bokun Habanero" which means "Tyrant Habanero". It's probably the hottest snacks sold leagally in Japan. It'll really put hair on your chest, not for the faint of heart. Japanese generally don't like really spicy food, but curry is popular and really hot level 5 curry mix is available in stores. Bokun Habanero ranks as one of the spiciest things I've had. It's instantly recognizable by its skull faced red chili pepper character. Apparently, it's too good. I used to be able to find it everywhere in Japan, there was even a canned soup version. But these days it's harder to find and they keep coming out with less spicy versions more for the masses. If you like hot food, then I recommend you give it a try.
Here's the website in Japanese
Bokun Habanero

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Jimbo said...

I used to eat these all the time! I brought some home to my dad once and now every time I go back to Japan I have to bring him back some. Spicy and delicious!

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