Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hana's Vending Machine Adventure

The other day, Hana was late coming home from school. Actually, I saw her and a group of her friends walking home from my school's window(her Elementary school is just across the street). Another mother, concerned, went to look for them. Just a couple blocks down the street from the school, and right across from our apartment, the group of kids were frozen in their tracks, transfixed. A worker was refilling the vending machine and the door was open. The kids had never seen the inside of one before. They were fascinated and just stood there for 30 minutes watching him. Not only that, some of them were talking to the worker or giving advice. "Hey, you forgot some over here.", "There's still room for a few more, I think.", "If your not going to use them all, can I take one?" are the kinds of things they said. Amazingly, I heard the worker didn't talk to the kids at all, but just did his work.

In this day and age when kids are exposed to so many things and know too much, I think it's nice that they can still be pure and be fascinated by something so simple as a vending machine.

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