Sunday, September 25, 2011

2700 Kirin Smash Comedy TV キリンスマッシュ

I saw this on TV the other night. There was a comedy competition with a lot of different Japanese comics doing funny skits. One duo or "Kombi" is called "2700". They did this skit that I thought was funny. Believe it or not, almost everything the guy is saying is in English. The song starts and a guy dressed up as a giraffe comes out with a tennis racket. The song keeps saying, "Kirin smash" or "Kirin receive". Kirin is the Japanese word for giraffe. One time he does a smash position, the next time, receive. Then, a guy dressed up as an elephant comes out and starts betting on which position the giraffe will take. The whole situation is so ridiculous and silly, it's hilarious. The group 2700 ended up taking second place. Watch the video. Decide for yourself.

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