Sunday, July 24, 2011

Small Preschool Festival

Last night we went to a Summer festival at a small preschool/daycare in Yasugi, my wife's hometown. My wife has an English class there once a month and one of our friend's daughter goes there, so we got invited too. Hana and Rika dressed up in their summer yukatas. It was a lot of fun. They had a obake-yashiki(haunted house) which was just a cardboard tunnel, the kids crawled through. The kids got lots of little presents like a yo-yo balloon, giant glasses with a light up nose and a little toy rattle like drum, the same kind as in The Karate Kid 2. They also had a lot of food; yaki-soba(fried noodles), frankfurters(a hot dog on a stick), furai potato (french fries), and kaki-gori(shaved ice, snow cone in a cup). Everything was free for us! Also, there were some elementary school girls, relatives of the girl we knew, who were so kind to Hana and Rika and really took care of them. It was fun evening.

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