Sunday, July 24, 2011

Japanese Snacks #1 Ghana Chocolate

If you took an informal poll of foreigners living in Japan as to which Japanese chocolate they pefer, probably most of them would say Ghana Chocolate by Lotte. This is my favorite Japanese chocolate. It's got a really rich, expensive taste, but it's really cheap. around 88 yen per bar. In general, I can taste a difference between American chocolate and Japanese chocolate. Japanese chocolate has more of a cocoa taste, more "chocolatey". Many western foods in Japan are modeled after a European taste, not an American one. American chocolate is sweeter and tends to be softer and lighter in color. You can taste the added sugar and preservatives. But hey, I love American chocolate, too. I'm happy I can buy a Snickers bar anytime I want at the local Lawson convenience store and feel "American" again. But probably the best chocolate bar of all is the Willy Wonka Bar. The same from the movie. It's really big and costs about 5 dollars per bar, but it's worth it.

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