Sunday, July 24, 2011

Our Goldfish

Here are pics of our three goldfish. Almost exactly a year ago, we won 7 goldfish in a "kingyo-sukui"(golfish catching-game) at the Gaina Summer festival last year. Of those original 7, these three are the survivors. They've gotten much bigger since then. It's my job to change their tank, something I do about every two or three weeks.  I read on line somewhere you shouldn't use a net to get them, they could get injured, so everytime, I use my hand to catch them. Last month, I really wanted to get two neon tetras for the tank. Junko warned me that her friend said other fish don't do well with goldfish. In my stubborness, I ignored her and got the tetras anyway. They were both dead inside of three days. One of them half eaten.  I should have listened to her.
These goldfish are rugged survivors.

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