Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Frog Blues

A few months back, during Spring School where I work, the kids and I went on an excursion to Mt. Daisen and collected frog eggs. The great staff from Mori no Kuni (Forest Country), also known a Field Athletic, taught us all about the frogs. Field Athletic is a play area and camping resort on Mt. Daisen. My school often visits there. There are only 50 kinds of frogs in all of Japan and 12 different species at Mt. Daisen. Of everyone who went, I was the only one who kept the eggs for more than a few days. I raised them to tadpoles and eventally got four tiny frogs. I took as best care of them as I could in a little cage. I gave them water and picked weeds with lots of aphids to give them. But as the weeks went by I only had two, then one, the last frog died yesterday. I felt I failed them. I should have released them into a local stream earlier. They were so cute. Anyway, I still have three goldfish we won at a summer festival last year and in a different container, I have two small loach an a water snail. What little animals are next? It's beach season maybe some crabs.

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