Thursday, August 16, 2012

Small Animal Zoo

On August 8th, we visited the Small Animal Zoo exhibit in Sakaiminato at Yumeminato tower. It's the same place where they had the New Caledonia Aquarium a couple of years ago and the Hikari(light) museum earlier this year. The animals were interesting. The sloth really seemed to like Junko. The meerkats were cute. They had a beaver and a capebara. The best was petting a giant tortoise. It was pretty cool, but I was expecting more petting zoo stuff where you can touch the animals, but only the tortoise. Afterward, of course we had soft serve ice cream, vanilla and pear. We passed on the haunted house upstairs in spite of Junko's persistence. Maybe next time.


1 comment:

yon chie said...

hi Jason, do you know if we can visit the small animal zoo in October?

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