Saturday, December 10, 2011

Japanese TV: Yokai Ningen Bem 妖怪人間ベム and Cast

This is the newest hit at the Winter house. Yokai Ningen means "Monster Human" or "Creature Human". It's about three monsters, a man woman and child, who were born from the same cell on the same day. They look more or less human, but when emotional, change into hideous alien like monsters. They're actually good and are on a quest to become human. The show is based on a famous anime from the 80's. In the cartoon, the trio fight other monsters and protect humans, but in the live action show, they fight human bad guys. The stories are pretty good, though and focus on the human tragedies that drive people to do evil. But, the people who cross their path are influenced by the mysterious, "Red Man" who seems to hold the secret to their past and how to become human. We all love the show and tape it every week.
Yokain Ningen Bem Cast:
The monster "father" Bemu, s played by pretty boy band KAT-TUN's leader Kamenashi Kazuya, the "mother", Bela is played by the beautiful Anne Watanabe, daughter to Ken Watanabe (The Last Samurai, Inception), and the "boy", Belo, is played by Suzuki Fuku, more famous for the recent hit show "Marumo", which we also loved. Here's another synopsis

Bem, Bella, and Bello are ugly monsters that are neither human nor animals, but they are peace-loving, righteous heroes who feel compelled to help humans in trouble. Because they are monsters, they are feared and detested by humans, and on top of that, pursued by the police. However, a friendship develops between them and a detective (Kitamura Kazuki) by mere accident. Through their contact with humans, Bem, Bella and Bello’s earnest wish to become human grow increasingly stronger. They battle evil for the sake of mankind, in the belief that they will be able to become humans one day…

Here's the rather creepy intro:

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Anonymous said...

this is seriously a recommended fantasy action dorama. once, i was doubt Kamenashi, Anne and Fuku could portrayed as a Bemu, Bera and Bero. I like the anime so, hearing a pretty boy would be Bemu is enough to make me frowned. but after trying to watch first episode, the story totally hooked me up^^. its totally different than the anime. giving you a fresh idea about the real action. i must say, Kamenashi succeeded give a new image to Bemu. Anne is perfect pair to him. she nailed her acting here. Ken must be proud of her. and who doesn't love cute Fuku? all and all make this drama worth to watch :)

thanks for writing this :)

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